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Leading the sector since 1950

Can Boada, a family business that saw the light of day in 1950 from the hands of Joan Boada i Requesens and Emili Boada i Rovira in the county town. Initially, he covered the world of photography with analog cameras, rolls and developers. However, the passion to evolve alongside technology led her to the world of digital photography and printing, which fueled her continued growth.

At the beginning, the store was located on the busy Carrer Comtal, strategically located between Via Laietana and Portal de l'Àngel. Currently, his home is in the cozy Carrer Moles 9, an alley that connects Carrer Comtal with Carrer Fontanella.

Can Boada's mission has always been clear: to satisfy the needs of all its customers, from the youngest with academic work to the elderly with the most special assignments. The company is proud to adapt to technological growth, guaranteeing the continuity of the family business and maintaining the essence that has characterized it over the years.

Its vision focuses on continuing to grow with technological evolution and constantly adapts to new systems and business machinery to offer updated and cutting-edge services.

Can Boada's unique proposition lies in its ability to customize each job according to the needs and wishes of its clients. Here ideas find their place and become reality. Its highly capable team provides creative solutions to materialize projects in multiple formats, ensuring the full satisfaction of those who rely on the services.

Passion and dedication over a long career

Can Boada has not only witnessed technological evolution, but has embraced change with passion and dedication, ensuring a promising future by keeping the flame of the family business alive and providing unique experiences to all who walk through the doors. Come visit us and enjoy a close and quality service. We are waiting for you!

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